The Path

Jeremy Tagand

Jeremy is the head mechanic and motorcycle design master at Deus Ex Machina. The steads that he creates evoke awe and excitement. Being from the Alps in France, has a bit of an exotic accent. Listen to what he describes as work.

Brad Malyon

It takes dedication to do what Brad Malyon does. Up most days before the sun, he heads to the beach to document the start of a new day. There he reports the potential good news that all surfers want to hear; there are waves to be ridden. This episode Brad lets us follow him to see what goes into a typical day. Check out the surf report on the website and visit the gallery in Bronte. Get your Froth on here.

Wade Jackson

Wade Jackson is a funny man. He is also a very talented musician. He was kind enough to let us follow him up into the Blue Mountains to watch him record his new album. Here’s a sneak peek into his mind and process. Check his FB page here.

Sarah Glover

This video in the series boasts self-starting cookie pioneer Sarah Glover. Her love for a boy turned into a fairytale career, baking biscuits for world domination. Ha. Sarah has branded her cookies with an orignal take and a big heart which is why they are so popular. ‘You can taste the love’ – Sarah Glover 2012

Dion Horstmans

This episode of The Path features Dion Horstmans, a prominent Sydney sculptor. Dion is an original; he talks to us about what it’s like setting a career as a working artist whilst bathed in metal sparks. He has a strong and industrious mentality to life that is infectious.

Cam Knight

This instalment of The Path looks into the life of a comedian with Cam Knight. Cam has made a long career out of making people laugh; how he got there and where he’s going is definitely off the well worn path.We feature some of his gig at the Comedy Store in the EQ at FOX studios. A bit of a language warning and a few adult themes with this one.

Rhys Gordon

This is Rhys Gordon, a prominent tattoo artist in Sydney who specializes in Japanese style tattoos.


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